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Web development can seem scary and remind people of the picture. But do not feel fear and do not be afraid!
The team have accumulated a whopping 9 years of management, so you are in great hands! If you so want a fully customized website built from scratch or if you'd prefer WordPress, CMS or setting up a shop in Shopify, we got you!
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  • Logo - Website Management - Sweden's biggest community for offline game cheats

    When playing offline games on PS2, PS3, and Xbox 360, the community and especially the forums were more significant than they are today. In 2015, at the age of 15, I had the opportunity to take over the web development and maintenance of this website. I introduced various features, redesigned the layout, added skins, and this resulted in the website reaching its highest number of users and activity in four years.

  • Swedens Cancersick Patiens National Association - Website Creation & Management

    Sveriges Cancersjukas Riksförbund

    The year 2020 I got the opportunity to work together with Swedens Cancersick Patients National Association to provide a new website for them to be able to reach out to more people. Now you can find how to donate, about them and come in contact straight from your computer/phone. This project had it's most importance in the availability and making sure it is straight to the point and easy to navigate.

How to get Started -

As easy as One. Two. Three

So where do we begin? Which ever service you look for we do not want the process to feel like rocket science.

  • Step 1. Come in Contact - Tell us what you want

    Be as informative as you can when writing to us about what you look for what you want, what your budget might be, what the intention is of the service and so on. The more we know the more precise we can be in our response and our delivery.

  • Step 2. Get a Response - Quotation & Proposal

    Sometimes a first contact is all that is needed for us to get back to you with our advice and a plan. That includes an estimated quote for the whole process and services. We provide fully what you get for what and how we see a further collaboration working forward.

  • Step 3. Accept & Continue - We Are All Set

    All seems to be a good fit? Great! Now leave the work up to us and get your requested content and/or management delivered like on a silver plater. We will always keep you up-to-date about the process and get you all the analyses so you can relax and really understand how we work and what we provide.

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